2018 Yamaha TT-R50E

Price : $2,189 - sold

2018 Yamaha TT-R50E

•Air-cooled, 50cc, SOHC, 2-valve, 4-stroke power plant produces smooth, novice friendly power that eases the new rider up the learning curve.
• Convenient, push-button electric starting makes learning to ride much easier.
• Compact engine cases.
•keeps engine width narrow
•makes it easier for smaller riders to get their feet firmly on the ground
• Proven, 2-valve cylinder head design.
•easy to adjust traditional rocker arm valve actuation
•150 hour valve adjustment intervals
•Intake & exhaust valves feature special “carbon cutter” valve stem design.
•automatically removes carbon build up from the valve stems
•maintains maximum engine efficiency & power
•carbon build up on valve stems can lead to sticky valves & poor performance
• Automatic ratchet-type cam chain adjuster.
•reduces maintenance time, tune up costs & reduces mechanical engine noise
• Conventional cast iron cylinder liner.
•allows the cylinder to be over bored? reducing costs
•Lightweight crankshaft design.
• Mikuni VM11 carburetor with electric carb heater (heater does not function above 16C).
•crisp yet easy to use linear throttle response
•excellent fuel economy
•carb heater reduces engine warm-up time & improves cold weather starting
•”Electroless” nickel plating applied to valve seat and nickel silver needle valve to counter act the negative effects of E10 (10% ethanol) fuels.
• Washable foam air filter reduces costs.
• Smooth-shifting, 3-speed transmission with automatic centrifugal clutch.
•auto clutch eases the beginner into the basics of shifting without the complications of a clutch
• optimized transmission ratios match engine output
• CD (capacitor discharge) ignition system.
•maintenance free
•delivers a strong spark for fast starts & solid engine performance
• Centrifugal oil filtering system.
•automatically removes any particles found in the oil
•never requires cleaning or maintenance
•fast easy oil changes
• Lightweight, upswept exhaust system.
•produces a quiet exhaust note to keep the neighbors happy
•numerous heat shields to protect young riders for hot components
•cleanable screen-type spark arrestor

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