This very low mileage 2018 S1000RR has had just one owner who, as you can plainly see, treated it with kid gloves. When it came to us it looked practically flawless — and that was before our detailer gave it a deep clean and showroom shine. It was never tipped over, even gently (that alone is remarkable) and honestly, the bike shows almost no evidence that it was ever ridden! It would be simply impossible to find a pre-owned motorcycle in better condition than this.

It features a stunning roster of equipment. It boasts the factory Race Package and Dynamic Package of options which include these: DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) | DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) | Ride Modes Pro | Gear Shift Assist Pro | ABS Pro | Electronic Cruise Control |Stellar super-bike to the race track, it will absolutely dominate. Or you may want merely to flex its high performance muscle on the street or for sprinting on twisty mountain roads. No matter where you ride it, this motorcycle is more than equipped to handle the task — safely — yet with breathtaking power and confidence-inspiring poise.

All the maintenance on this S1000RR is up to date, and you can look forward to thousands of worry-free miles ahead. When the bike came in for trade we gave it our customary top-to-bottom safety and performance checkup. We completed a full Bi-Annual service which includes engine oil & filter change, brake fluid change, and chain adjustment & lubrication. We also installed a Battery Tender quick-connect harness to facilitate your future battery care. Its tires are still very fresh, and we filled them with nitrogen to enhance their wear characteristics. Once servicing was complete we took it for a 14-mile test ride to verify all its systems and performance in real-world conditions. Then our master technician completed the Florida State Inspection which it passed, of course. This bike is flawless mechanically as well as cosmetically, like new in every way, and ready for the launch pad right now.


The “Double R” has proven popular with the masses, and was BMW’s best-selling model for the 2015 model year — a year that also saw a major overhaul on the previous generation to bring the bike up to date, and if you will pardon the pun, up to speed. Join me while I check out what’s new on this gen, and why it has garnered so much attention worldwide.

This new generation Double R follows the same design criteria as its forebears, and though there are differences, they are rather subtle. What isn’t so subtle is the aggressive, nose-down/tail-up stance that leaves the RR looking like nothing so much as a runner crouched at the blocks.

A redesigned front fairing/engine cowling features a new, smaller windshield with an enlarged air intake and gill-like heat vents as well as an extension to the lower-rear cowling to increase airflow through the body. If the racing vents aren’t your cup o’ tea, the factory has two different, fully enclosed, lightweight carbon body panel sets available as special accessories.

The RR retains its “split-face,” asymmetrical headlight arrangement, but reversed the positions so that the low beam is on the right and the high beam on the left. Not a big difference, but one that will leap out at someone familiar with the previous design. The pilot seat and p-pad also received a bit of attention, and the pad can be hidden beneath a cover that enhances the race-bike curb appeal. Last year, the pillion cover was an option, but for 2018, it’s standard.

Speaking of coverage, while it can be said that the RR has rather full body panels, they aren’t quite as full as one would normally expect on a proper [superbike-mot293] and they allow the engine to peek out and show a little bit of ankle.

Type Motorcycles
Category Sportbike
Mileage 2401ml
Engine 999cc
Year 2018
Color Blue, White
Vin WB10D600XJZ710671