2017 Ducati XDiavel


2017 Ducati XDiavel

2017 Ducati Xdiavel S, 2017 Ducati XDiavel S. The Ducati Diavel showed what happens when you cross an Italian superbike with a cruiser, the XDiavel brings it to the next level with an even larger displacement 1260cc engine with variable valve timing (DVT). This means smoother low RPM cruising with a hard punch of power in the higher RPMs when you need it. The S model comes with improved suspension and comes full circle, evoking more of that superbike heritage synonymous with Ducati. ABS, traction control, and mulitple ride modes are standard.

Individually, most of the features and components on the XDiavel are very sporty in appearance and would look at home on bikes with a racier bent. Heck, they look racy on the “X” as well, but the adjustable forward foot controls and pullback handlebars place the rider well into the windsock position, which of course, is unique to cruiser-country.

A solid-looking front end comes with blackout, usd forks, and a boxy little headlight can complete with daytime running lamps built in for a distinct look from the front and a little extra visibility/safety. This Italian stallion has a definite passionate side with some sexy curves in the lines of the fuel tank, saddle, and ass-end components. A minimal subframe supports an almost non-existent p-pad area, and the tucked-away taillights and fender-mount turn signals keep the tapered rear squeaky clean.

The single-side swingarm and short tail section leave the massive rear wheel almost completely exposed with only a pair of teensy, sportbike-style tire huggers that leave nothing to the imagination. Like I said, a combination of very sportbike-ish features arranged in a cruise-tastic format, but not too cruiser-ish.

Type Motorcycles
Category Sportbike
Mileage 4007ml
Engine 1260
Year 2017
Color Black
Vin ZDM13BKW8HB007260


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